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I swam two times this week. That’s good.

Last tuesday, I used accessories and did 1100m. I know, that’s nothing but it’s a long time, about a month, more or less, I didn’t swim.

Today, I did 1200m. 100m difference 😉 I wanted to do more but there was too many swimmers in my lane. I decided then to stop. There was four of us… Too much.

I was wondering… which muscles are working for each style… I was thinking, crawl is the worst in term of muscles. And I’m right. See the video below.

Another question, is it better to swim one style each time or mixing the four ? Actually, I tend to mix 3 styles, without butterfly. And I found out my muscles are not working enough. If I swim 1600m that is my mean, that means I swim one style for about 500m only. Which is not enough for a muscle to develop or to maintain its strength. I’m not sure of my theory but it seems logical. Maybe, I will switch to one style at a time. But then, I will need to swim three times a week. That is too much beside spinning …

Finally, my ankle is doing good. Five months!